Triathlete's essentials

In order to know, what should you have in your equipment and to not forget anything during packing for the competition, we present you the list of things that may be necessary for starting. Your equipment may be more or less extensive, but we invite you to read our proposal:


Triathlon outfit / swimming suit

Swimming foam - in the water temperature below 14 degrees (56,5 km) and 16 degrees (112,99km) foams are compulsory, whereas at higher temperatures advisable!

Swimming goggles

The stopper on the nose / ears - if you usually need them

Product to facilitate the removal of the foam - we do not recommend oils or Vaseline because of the adverse effect on the neoprene's foams



Helmet - absolute obligation!

Cycling glasses

Cycling outfit (if you do not use triathlon outfit)

Cycle shoes


Manual pomp or Co2 + spare cartridges

Spare inner tube + tire iron or tire sealant (useful during starting to not waste time for changing an inner tube)

Allen key set

2 water bottles

Bag for storing energy bars and gels

Bicycle counter



Running shoes

Clothes (if you do not use triathlon outfit)

Socks - if you need them and not dressed before the cycling stage




Identity card with photograph

Strap on the starting number - fasten with the pinned number after the swimming stage

Slippers - useful before the swimming stage


A second pair of running shoes (if we leave one pair in the transition zone, second pair will be useful just before starting of the warm-up)

Clothes for the warm-up

Gels and energy bars

Additional cap - useful in case of cold water

Tanning oil

Watch / Heart Rate Monitor + band on the chest


Insulating tape - multiple uses for attaching the equipment to a bicycle

Chain grease

Bike cleaning rags

Large standing bicycle pump - it is easier to obtain high air pressure in the tires

Spare inner tubes and tires - in case of damage on the eve of the competition

Rubber bands - useful for fastening cycling shoes on the bike in the optimum position