Regulations of the EXPO for exhibitors during triathlon competition of the cycle ENEA TRI TOUR 2016


§1 General provisions


1. The Regulations apply to all tenants of the EXPO areas (hereinafter referred as the "Exhibitors") during the competition of the cycle ENEA TRI TOUR 2016.


2. The landlord of the EXPO areas is the organizer/ co-organizer/ partner of the Enea Tri Tour 2016 cycle:


Endu Sport Sp. z o.o. with the registered office in Poznań at 4/6 23 Lutego Street (61-741 Poznań, ul. 23 Lutego 4/6), entered into the National Court Register, kept by the District Court in Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000420142, NIP tax identification number 7773225549, REGON statistical number: 302078899 - represented by: Wojciech Kruczyński - Member of the Management Board


3. The provisions of these Regulations are an integral part of the lease agreement of the EXPO areas

 during the competition of the cycle ENEA TRI TOUR 2016.


§2 Applications


1. The notifications concerning willingness to lease of the EXPO areas during the competition of the cycle Enea Tri Tour 2016 are held by sending the registration form located on the websites of the individual competitions or at the e-mail address: events@endusport.pl.


2. The Exhibitor who will report his participation in the EXPO till 30.10.2015 will be covered by a promotional offer, the Organizer reserves earlier termination for applications in the case of lack of the exhibition area.


3. The Organizer will be sending order confirmations or denial of the possibility of leasing the EXPO areas by electronic to the following e-mail adress of the contracting authority within 14 days from the date of application. In the case of acceptance of the order, the Organizer sends the lease agreement of the EXPO areas, which is in attachment to this Regulation.

4. Sending the application form and signing of the lease agreement of the EXPO areas, which is in attachment to this Regulations is tantamount to reading and acceptance of these Regulations.

5. Reservation of the areas is upon signing and sending back to the Organizer the lease agreement of the EXPO areas and after paying fees for the selected area on the basis of the issued invoice. Invoices not paid within the prescribed period will result the cancellation of the lease agreement and the area will be re-issued for sale.

6. In the case of resignation of participation, the Exhibitor is obliged to send a written resignation to the Organizers to the address: events@endusport.pl Depending on the date of the notification of resignation, Organizer is entitled to contractual penalty in the following amounts:

*        60 days before the event 30% of the value of the signed agreement;

*        less than 21 days before the event 80% of the value of the signed agreement;

*        less than 14 days before the event 100% of the value of the signed agreement.


7. The Organizer may refuse the participation of the applicant, without giving reasons. The refusal will be send within 14 days, to the e-mail of the Exhibitor indicated in the registration form.


§3 Date and place of the EXPO

1. EXPO will take place during the competition of the cycle Enea Tri Tour 2016 on the following dates:

  • Expo competition Sieraków will take place on 27.05 – 29.05
  • Expo competition Szczecin will take place on 02.07-03.07
  • Expo competition Charzykowy will take place on 09.06-12.06
  • Expo competition Poznań will take place on 21.07-24.07

2. Opening hours of Expo:

  •  Sieraków will take place on:

27.05   9:00- 21:00

28.05   6:00 -21:00

29.05   6:00 -20:00

  •  Szczecin will take place on:

02.07   9:00-21:00

03.07   06:00 -17:00

  • Charzykowy will take place on:

09.06   15:00- 21:00

10.06   06:00- 21:00

11.06   06:00- 17:00

  • Poznań will take place on:

21.07   14:00 – 21:00

22.07   09:00-21:00

23.07   06:00 -21:00 /22:00

24.07   06:00 -19:00

§4 Terms of lease

1. The cost of renting the stands during the competition of the cycle Enea Tri Tour 2016 (price per 1 m2, in Polish zlotys)


till 31.10


(price per 1 m2)

till 30.04


(price per 1 m2)

till 15.05


(price per 1 m2)









till 31.10


till 30.04


till 30.08










till 31.10


till 30.04


till 15.06










till 31.10




till 15.07










till 31.10


till 30.04




Package of 4 events















2. Price list of all services is available on the individual events websites in the tab 'EXPO' and defined in §3. The price includes the cost of 230V electrical connection (one socket for the Exhibitor). To the prices defined in the paragraph. 1, VAT will be added in accordance with applicable regulations.

3. Exhibitors make contract by selecting the number of the stand (stands plan of the Expo is on the websites of the individual competitions):


•          Sieraków http://triathlonsierakow.pl/

•          Szczecin http://triathlonszczecin.pl/

•          Charzykowy http://triathloncharzykowy.pl/

•          Poznań http://challenge-poznan.pl/


4. The stand is reserved after the receipt of the lease agreement of the EXPO area signed by the Exhibitor with the proof of the wire transfer.

5. Reserved stands will be systematically marked on the Expo plans of competitions, and the list of  Exhibitors will be publicly available and placed on the websites of the competitions.

6. Exhibitors are obliged to place their stand in the prescribed by the Organizer day and time at each competition according to the concluded agreement, and also to leave the Expo in the day and the time specified by the agreement. Hours of spacing will be categorically respected, and the Organizer has the right to refuse of spacing the stand in the case of being late by Exhibitor.

7. The Exhibitor is obliged to maintain the order in his stand during the Expo, and after it, to clean up the stand and take out the garbage in the place designated by the Organizer.

8. The Expo area is defined on the plan of the Expo. All values are given in meters. Exhibitors are obliged to respect the dimensions of their space and to not go outside theirs boundaries. In the case of failure to comply with the foregoing, Organizer has the right to remove objects being situated outside the designated area or to charge for an additional space in the amount of PLN 300/net/sqm.


9. The Exhibitor has the right to advertise his stand only within its boundaries. Any advertisement beyond the designated area or placed elsewhere on the Expo area or in front of the entrance will be removed, and the Organizer will have the right to demand a fee for the additional use of area.

10. The Exhibitor has no right to sublease the leased exhibition area to other parties without the prior written permission of the Organizer.

11.  The Exhibitor has no right to perform acts which leave permanent changes in leased area (drilling, gluing, anchored in the way that will leave marks). Exhibitors will be ordered to pay for repairs, which Organizer will be incurred.

12. In the case of Exhibitor does not send back a signed lease agreement of the EXPO area and does not pay for the stand at the Expo within 7 days from receipt the agreement, sending by e-mail to the address of the Exhibitor along with the invoise, he will be deleted from the list of participations of the Expo and reserved area will be re-issued for sale.

13. The charges for leasing of the EXPO area are made only by the wire transfer to the bank account of the Organizer, indicated on the invoice.

14. The Organizer reserves the right to change the stand location/ area ordered by the Exhibitor only in an emergency.

15. The Organizer will make every effort to inform the Exhibitor about such changes early enough.

16. The Organizer reserves the right to place at the stand area elements of general information and infrastructure.

17. The Organizer reserves the right to film and photograph exhibition of products and services exposed at the EXPO area and to use these materials for the purposes of advertising and marketing of Organizer.

§6 Protection and liability


1. The Exhibitor will bear all costs of any damage caused by himself and people in any way associated with him.

2. The Exhibitor takes full responsibility for his stand and all objects located on it and its immediate surroundings.

3. The Organizer may require the Exhibitor to remove dangerous objects from the stand or its surroundings.

4. The Organizer does not take responsibility for objects left on the stand and damage to property of Exhibitor caused by third parties.

5. The Organizer provides external protection of the EXPO areas during closing hours of the EXPO.

6. The Organizer does not provide individual protection of stands during the EXPO and during closing hours, so is not responsible for objects left on the stands.

7. The Organizer is not responsible for damages caused by force majeure.

8. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, partially close or temporary shortening of time of the EXPO event, due to reasons beyond the Organizer. In this case a refund or reductions of previously filed charges is not entitled.

§7  Exclusions that apply during the EXPO ENEA TRI TOUR 2016 

1. Sales of products from the official series CHALLENGE can only be conducted by representatives of the Organizer and the company that have purchased a license CHALLENGE on Europe.

2. At the EXPO valid categorical ban on the sale and promotion of products and services, the use of which is prohibited by law. In the case of non-compliance, Organizer reserves the right to remove the Exhibitor from the fair area without refund.

3. At the EXPO valid ban on the promotion and sale of packages of competitive events in relation to events based on licensed CHALLENGE, among others, events from the cycle IRONMAN.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to not agree for the promotion or sale of products of the Exhibitors that will appears competitive products in relation to the products or services advertised or sold by sponsors or partners of individual events included in the cycle of Enea Tri Tour 2016.

5. Failure to comply with the provisions of points 1-4 penalty will result in punishment of the removal his stand from the EXPO area without reimbursement.

§ 8 Additional provisions

1. The Exhibitors have no right to use the logotypes of cycle TRI TOUR and Challenge, this benefit is reserved only for partners and sponsors of the event.

2. The registration form and the lease agreement of the EXPO areas is an integral part of these Regulations.

3. The final interpretation of the Regulation of the Expo in the cycle of Enea TRI TOUR belongs to the Organizer.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the Regulations, about which will inform the Exhibitors by email.